​In February 2015 we held our inaugural production at Te Puna Quarry which resulted in a sellout season. Directed and produced by Suzy Sampson and presented by Twice as Good Productions the world of Shakespeare's Fairy Kingdom was brought to the wonderful setting of the quarry's Dragon Lawn. The audience seated on their picnic rugs  under the stars were drawn into the magic of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream" , with fairy lights adorning the trees and characters brought to life in costumes designed by Suzy. 

"The best performance I have been to for any show in Tauranga, It was an absolutely enchanting and very entertaining evening - I could go again tonight"  Virginia Williams

"Last night's performance will forever be a lovely memory for me, such talented actors, hilarious story and absolutely perfect  setting.  I'm really hoping next summer you will bring us another." Georgina Collins

"Truly one of the finest evenings of amateur theatre that I have ever had the privilege to attend"  David Woodhouse